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At Dugger Eyecare, our staff is friendly and professional. Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our Louisville patients. We take pride in our personalized care and strive to spend the necessary time with each patient to ensure a comfortable experience.  As you will read, many staff members have been with the practice for an extended period of time.  This continuity in patient care and service ensures that you have the best experience possible.  `

Cathy Lynch  -Cathy has been with Dr. Garner's vision Center for 25 years.  She has seen many changes and faces come through the office.  After starting her profession nearly 30 years ago at Dr. Bizer's Vision World (now Visionworks) She began working with Dr. Lionel Garner and never looked back.  A few constants with Cathy, she also does what is best for the patient and has a knack for finding the perfect frame to fit the patient's demands and lifestyle.


Cathy Filiatreau - Cathy is the newest member of our team, She has been with Dr. Garner's since September of 2014.   She has been in many facets of the eyecare industry starting with Southern Optical some 28 years ago, progressing to ophthalmic technician with an emphasis in special testing. 

At Dr. Garner's  they are known as Cathy x 2 because they do so much on the optical floor, dispensing glasses, scheduling patients and working with patients.  They make Dr. Dugger's life easier and will make your experience at the office an easy one!


Pat Brady  - Pat is the important man behind the scene.  He the the genius making your glasses, adjusting nose pads and making sure your glasses fit to a T.  He started in the profession over 20 years ago with Twin City Optical and has been a part of the Dr. Garner's staff since 2005.  Many times when you come to the office, you will see Pat adjusting and or repairing glasses, doing pre-test evaluations for Dr. Dugger or in the back making glasses.  He is a man with many functions around the office!